Why Escape Room Reviews Might Vary

Tue, 10 Dec, 2019

Sometimes you’ll notice a particular escape room that you’re interested in has vastly different reviews; reviews so inconsistent and varied that you even start to question their reliability!

Reasons including personal preference, alterations made over time and the fact you can only play the room once can cause such a drastic change in opinion from player to player. Read on to find out more!

Personal preference, escape room genre

The variety of themes and genres means you’ll always be able to find something that matches your personal preference, and when it comes to choosing an escape room, your personal preference is everything. Remember that you’ll be locked in an incredibly immersive atmosphere for one hour, so make sure you pick something in line with your own taste.

The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere that you don’t enjoy. This may seem obvious, but if you have a fear of anything and everything horror related, it might be best to avoid a horror-themed room! Someone who loved the scares and spooky atmosphere will give the room a positive review, compared to someone who doesn’t.

Changes Made to the Room

A competent escape room company will make alterations here and there to keep things fresh. They’ll also respond to negative reviews that criticise certain aspects of a room and make changes to improve the gameplay experience. That’s why the date of the reviews is important. If many of the older reviews are negative, compared to the recent reviews that are positive – changes made to the room could be the reason why!

One Chance to Impress

Remember that an escape room can only be played once and subsequent playthroughs are often pointless, as you’ll know the answer to each of the room’s puzzles, voiding the challenge! Being able to only play a room once means there’s only one chance to be impressed. Factors such as whether you won or lost, the fun you have with your group members or something being faulty can all affect your experience.