Top 5 mistakes you can make in an escape room

Mon, 06 Nov, 2023

Here are some common mistakes players can make in an escape room game. Which can result in a lacklustre experience for your escape room game in Dubai.

Trying to Solve Puzzles Without all Info

Ensure you have all the information needed before trying to solve puzzles. The escape room Da Vinci is multifaceted with an array of interesting clues and puzzles that require a lot of thought and consideration. Given the time constraint and excitement levels - it’s understandable for players to be quick off the starting blocks in an attempt to complete the room as quickly as possible.

Stressing About the Time

We’ve all experienced time related pressure but the worst thing you can do in an escape room is let It spoil the fun. Picture the scene: you’re under pressure to complete the puzzle and spend the majority of your time glancing at clock as it runs down. Focussing too much on the time can force mistakes, make you to rush things and cause irritation in the group. Relax and enjoy the moment!

Not Being a Team Player

Communication is the key to success in an escape room JLT. Ignoring the pack and choosing to play as a lone wolf and will negatively affect your team’s performance. Think of a strategy and decide roles for each team member for a cohesive and effective experience. Think out loud and be vocal in your decision-making!

Not Being Perceptive Enough

Being observant and aware of your surroundings might seem obvious but there are plenty of diversions involved, which are designed to purposely throw you off the trail.  Escape room actors for example can either hinder or advance your progress – don’t get distracted!

Overthinking Clues

We’ve discussed people who try to rush clues, but on the flip side – there are those who spend far too long on a single clue and end up overthinking its usefulness. It would be a mistake to assume escape room locations are strictly logical or intellectual. Remember to let your imagination run wild in an escape room in Dubai.