Escape Rooms for children

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2-6 Person

60 m

Middle difficulty

Choose your room

Pick the room you prefer the most and let’s get started!

What is an Escape Rooms?

It is a special room that has hidden keys, lockboxes, safes, locks, and clues in it.

Escape game is a timed, exciting activity where your kids exercise their critical thinking muscles, work as a team, and unlock lots of different devices in order to reach a common goal - to find the way out.

5 reasons why escape rooms are great for children

A fun way to spend time with friends

Your kid is sure to have a great time jumping, climbing, and even crawling through our escape room with their friends.

Real-life challenging adventures

In the world of endless scrolling and screen time, we offer real-life adventures.

Brain development and logical thinking activity

Solving puzzles and riddles helps a child's brain develop by teaching them to think critically as they make key decisions and move through the quest.

Teamwork and the spirit of competition

Kids learn to work together as a team and in order to solve the challenge faster.

Movies-themed rooms

There is no better way to immerse your children in their favorite movie universe than take them to our escape rooms.

Give your children a true fairytale

And immerse them in a world of magic, riddles, puzzles, and never-ending adventures.

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