Simple Rules for Playing an Escape Room with a Live Actor

Mon, 06 Nov, 2023

An escape room becomes an entirely different experience when a live actor is involved. They take on a flexible role, aiming to frighten, encourage or inhibit your progress - depending on the rules of the game. Here are some simple rules to ensure both you and the escape live actor can have the most fun possible!

1. Listen

The actor isn’t there to make up the numbers or simply be a showpiece – you can be certain that they’ll have a relevant role in the game. They’re there to add to the immersion of the horror room, for example, or provide clues to drive the narrative. Listen to what they have to say to make the most out of the experience.

2. Respect

It goes without saying that the live actors deserve our utmost respect and courtesy. Escape room actors are great at what they do. Consider this: they play the same room over and over again whilst having to adapt and improvise to the dynamic of each new group. A little compassion goes a long way!

3. Observe

A room booking in Dubai with a live actor means you’ll be playing with someone vastly experienced and familiar with every aspect of the room. They’ll be showing subtle hints and clues with their body language and movements. Be observant!

4. Have fun

Escape actors are there for you - so have fun with them! Experience it first hand at our rooms in Dubai and see for yourself how thrilling it can be.