Escape Room Marriage Proposal

If you and your partner enjoy adventures, challenges, and surprises, there is no better way to propose than in an escape room!


Do you like surprises? So do we!

If you and your partner enjoy adventures, challenges, and surprises, there is no better way to propose than in an escape room!

Why will it be so memorable?

The best things in life, falling in love for example, often happen when we least expect them. However, that’s part of what makes them magical.

So unexpected

Your partner will be so distracted looking for clues, that you can get down on one knee while she discovers the ring inside an existing puzzle. Bam! Surprise! A win for you. Totally out of the blue for her. Memories forever.

So unique

An escape room marriage proposal is a very unique way to express your true feelings for your partner. Nothing beats the surprise of hiding it within a puzzle inside an escape room. She’ll be so surprised, having never suspected anything at the time of the game.

We create a customized scenario for you

If you want to customize your game for a proposal or some other special occasion, just shoot us a call or email. We’ll do our best to accommodate your special day!

So romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than a surprise proposal. Our themed escape rooms are perfect for romantic proposals and declarations of love. The game itself is also a great bonding activity as you work together to solve problems.

Our rooms

School of Magic - Image 7

School of Magic


Wands at the ready, dear wizards! School of Magic needs your help!

Houdini - Image 3
City Walk



Find the solution to Houdini's impossible escapes, but beware, what lies behind the curtain of the magic show may not be what it seems…

Ring`s - Image 6


Live Actor/Horror

Enter the realm of suspense and intrigue as you take on the role of daring detectives in the captivating "Unsolved Mystery." Unravel the enigmatic clues, but beware, for this thrilling crime scene investigation is not for the faint-hearted!

House of Bella - Image 2
City Walk

House of Bella

Live Actor/Horror

You've recently bought a toy shop, notorious for the terrible legend of disappearing little customers. Find out what dark secrets lurk behind the door.

Maniac - Image 8



Do you have what it takes to escape the serial killer's lair? Or is it game over? Survive before the cannibal returns.

Psycho - Image 1
City Walk



You are trapped in the nightmarish depths of an old asylum, where sadistic experiments once tormented the innocent. In a race against time, your instincts will be pushed to the limit as you face the twisted challenges of the harrowing "Psycho" escape room. Will you conquer your fears and escape to safety?

Da Vinci - Image 5

Da Vinci


Step into the studio of one of the most brilliant artists, inventors, scientists - the one and only Leonardo da Vinci!

The Castle - Image 4
City Walk

The Castle


The Mad King stole the dragon egg and hides it in a safe place in the castle, try to stop him from destroying the kingdom!


We're also going to help you with other logistics

The ring will be hidden in the escape room, and your partner will be looking for clues, but she will find a special letter. And then, when the time is right, an actor will pass you the ring.

Surveillance camera video

Obviously, you and your partner want to see how that went. We're going to show you the surveillance video so you can relive it.

Souvenir photo

Wait, wait, wait, we have to capture this magical moment! And you’ll have a picture to remember this special day.

Our team's assistance

We will gladly help you to organize this memorable and unforgettable event on the highest level

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Tell us how it went, newlyweds:

When the game was over we came out and saw our friends and our families there waiting to celebrate with us.

My boyfriend Lucas and I really like to play escape games. We found out that there was a "School of Magic" room at NoWayOut in Innsbruck and Lucas invited me to play. The last part of the game was to solve a puzzle after which a box with a clue came out of a niche. Lucas took the box (which had a beautiful ring inside), got down on one knee, and said: "You are my key. Will you marry me?" and I said, "Yes, of course!"

Beverly Rogers

It was a lot of fun, and when Emma calmed down, we left the room, where the guys from NoWayOut awaited us with champagne and a camera.

Emma, my girlfriend, and I were on vacation in Dubai. Emma enjoys horror films, so I decided to propose to her in an unusual way. I came to NoWayOut because I knew they had a game called The Ring, and we had seen that movie a lot. I asked the guys for assistance, and they obliged. So, when we arrived to play this game. Emma was so preoccupied with finding clues and being chased by a scary girl with wet hair that she had no idea what I was up to. The scary girl crawled out of the well near the end of the game and handed me a ring box. Emma was terrified at this point. That's when I said the famous words. "I'll marry you if I don't die of a heart attack," she replied.

Martin Ross


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