Horror Escape Rooms in Dubai

The immersive and thrilling escape experience you've never had before


Live Actor/Horror

60 min



Enter the realm of suspense and intrigue as you take on the role of daring detectives in the captivating "Unsolved Mystery." Unravel the enigmatic clues, but beware, for this thrilling crime scene investigation is not for the faint-hearted!
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Ring`s - Image 6
City Walk
House of Bella

Live Actor/Horror

60 min



You've recently bought a toy shop, notorious for the terrible legend of disappearing little customers. Find out what dark secrets lurk behind the door.
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House of Bella - Image 2


60 min



Do you have what it takes to escape the serial killer's lair? Or is it game over? Survive before the cannibal returns.
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Be ready to test your fears

NoWayOut horror escape rooms, complete with live actors, are designed for total immersion in an atmosphere of fear and terror. You will likely experience emotions you have never felt before.

Time is running out

You’ve only got 60 minutes to escape, while terror is going after you. Remember that evil doesn’t sleep, so you’d better hurry!

Survive by all means

You’re locked inside of a story with the goal of survival, discovering clues, and unraveling secrets to solve your way to safety.

Keep your eyes open

Pay attention and watch your back. Prepare to explore dark underground corridors, solve puzzles to and perform exorcisms while avoiding demonic traps.

They’re hunting you

In order to save yourself and your friends from the horrible place, you’ll have to solve puzzles and look for clues.

Have you ever been frightened while simultaneously curious?

Latest reviews

NoWayOut is my first option to a fun day!

It’s the perfect place for 2 people and above. Fun place to focus and think, the room designed really well! And it’s really not easy to find the clues and that’s why it’s fun and exciting!



The ambience is just perfect and the game is actually thrilling. An immense amount of mystery involved, it was completely worth it!


Awesome Experience!

The experience was fun, had taken my friend for her bierhday and she had a blast! Totally recommending it :D



Played with my friends so far 3 of their games and they are stunning... the decoration of the rooms was amazing and the puzzles very clever! Good to spend a different and great time in Dubai. Highly recommended!


Team Building With Work!

I took my team after work and had the best experience at 'No Way Out'. We asked for something 'scary' and boy, did we get scary inside 'Cursed' room... I hadn't experienced anything like it before. The attention to detail and how the game is set out almost makes the experience so real. If you're looking for a fright and adrenaline boost, try 'No Way Out' - highly recommended!


So much fun!!

This is an awesome way to kill an hour on Dubai!! The maniac room was tricky and made 5 fairly intelligent people feel a little bit dumb, but was amazing fun and we made it out with seconds to spare! Really well thought out and decent value for money in Dubai 100% will go again!


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