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Our Story

In 2016 we opened our flagship NoWayOut venue in Dubai, UAE. We feature a variety of themed rooms, which are carefully designed to maximize user immersion -including the fan favorite Da Vinci room. We value our user’s experience above all and through our knowledgeable game masters, we aim to completely submerge our players in the game of their choice.

Fast-forward three years and our success story shows no sign of slowing down. In the present day, we have accumulated a growing customer base and an extensive list of corporate clients. 2018 was the year we went international when we opened our second venue in the historic city of Vienna, Austria. Expanding into Europe was a big step in the growth of our brand – with plans to open a third venue in Graz, Austria. Stay tuned for more information! We’re just getting started.

Meet Our Team
Game master

Hadi quickly established himself as the group’s rock star despite only recently making his game master debut with us. He loves the creepy twists and turns of his favorite room The Maniac. Find our super-friendly and super-professional jokester amongst our guests, making sure they’re having the best time possible. Prepare to be entertained!

Game master

Erika has the distinction of being one of our first game masters. Fun, always happy and approachable - she has the know-how to make your experience the most exciting possible. With us since the beginning she’s still amazed by the accuracy of our rooms, especially her favorite: School of Magic. Look out for Erika buzzing about offering help to anyone who needs hints as they’re playing our games. You can find her in her happy place behind the scenes, ready to help you have a great experience here.

Game master

Fibi is our cheerful go-getter who has three years experience in the escape room industry – including one year with us. The Ring is her personal favorite, as she loves watching players complete the chilling task in unexpected ways. You can always be prepared to find Fibi engaging with the players and adding to the immersion of each individual room.

Ms Mystery

Our manager, code name: Ms Mystery, decided to stay hidden... But trust us when we say you can always expect a warm welcome and a super positive attitude. I guess you'll have to come on down to NoWayOut and find out for yourself. You can even ask her why she chose to remain anonymous - the answer is a mystery in itself! What better way to prepare yourself for an escape room puzzle?

Game master

Baba by name, bubba by nature. Our vastly experienced and loveable virtuoso has already been with us for a year – time flies when you’re having fun! Baba is always close at hand if you need help fixing something or getting organized. Find him preparing unsuspecting guests for a spine-chilling experience in The Ring. Looking for a terrifying game? Baba’s your man.


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