Why Do We Love Horror Escape Rooms So Much?

Thu, 15 Aug, 2019

The popularity of escape rooms has been on a steady rise since first entering the mainstream. With new and exciting rooms opening every year, and a huge spectrum of themes available, the hype train showing no signs of slowing down.

Players use their skills and attempt to exit the room: horror, fantasy, historical – the themes are endless. 

There is, however, one theme that stands out above the rest – horror escape games. We all love them. Why? For the same reason that people become adrenaline junkies. Horror provides us with a dopamine and adrenaline rush that your average thrill-seeker simply can’t get enough of.

Horror escape rooms in Dubai can replicate the same feeling as adrenaline-spiking activities such as skydiving, river rafting and bungee jumping. Emotions are heightened when players are immersed in what seems like a world separate from reality. It’s important to remember that even though NO harm will come to you, the feeling is there that it can! Sounds fun, right?

Malcolm Turvey, director of the Film and Media Studies program, explains the attraction to all things horror – which can also be applied to escape room horror in Dubai, “what’s special about consuming horror is you can feel certain strong feelings without suffering the consequences, which allows you to enjoy the sensation”.

Turvey continued, “there’s a fair amount of evidence that teenagers bond over watching horror films, both young women and young men”.

Only recently, the 2019 psychological horror mystery film simply titled, ‘Escape Room’ raked in a whopping $155 million. If that doesn’t tell you where the popularity lies, what will? People just love them. Now you can experience your own real-life movie experience!