Which Difficulty Level of Escape Room Suits you Best?

Mon, 05 Aug, 2019

Escape rooms typically have three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It’s important to know that these are by no means set in stone – you can play ANY room you want! Advanced players can play beginner rooms and vice versa. 

Think of them as a guide – a guide to ensure each player gets the absolute most out of their escape experience. So if you’re unsure which room is best for you, we’ll direct you with a gentle nudge by explaining who each room is designed for.

Beginner: Escape Room Medium Difficulty

It’s common for first-timers to feel overwhelmed when the doors are locked behind them. What to do? Where to start? The great Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. This couldn’t be more accurate for escape room players. Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, and without any previous experience with the concept, you might find yourself moving aimlessly like a flock of headless chickens.

Experience: Newbies
Age: All

Intermediate: Escape Room Fairly Difficult

Those with some escape room experience or players in a group of mixed experience levels should be able to conquer an intermediate level room. Not too easy, not too hard – in the words of Goldilocks, “it’s just right”

Experience: Journeyman
Age: Young teens and above

Advanced: Escape Room Difficult

Now we’re talking! Advanced rooms are of the highest difficulty and will test the skills of every member in your group. These rooms have the most complex puzzles, mind-bending riddles and clues that seem downright bewildering to the uninitiated. Escaping an advanced room in the given time is a black-belt-level achievement. Are you up for the challenge of an escape room: difficult?

Experience: Veterans
Age: Teens and above