What’s It like Being an Escape Room Game Master?

Thu, 10 Oct, 2019

GAME MASTER in ESCAPE ROOM and why you need it?

To those who’ve never heard of the mysterious role, an escape room game master sounds like something straight out of the SAW franchise. They lock people up in a confined space and watch as they attempt to escape. Don’t worry, though, it’s perfectly legal!

There’s also much more to it than that. Game masters are the engines that keep things steadily ticking over on a day-to-day basis. We’re here to explain what really goes on behind the scenes…

A Game Master’s Regular Day

Checks, checks and more checks.

Each room needs to be thoroughly checked before the day begins. This means the inspection of any locks, electronics, moveable and hidden objects and whether each room has been reset from the previous day.

As the players arrive they need to be briefed on the rules of the game and, most importantly, the safety protocols. This part is tedious for both game master and player, so it should be conveyed in a fun and engaging way. Making players feel comfortable is one of the most important aspects of the job.

Now the fun begins! After completing all the essential prerequisites the game masters have the chance to really express their personalities. Feeling immersed is a crucial part of an escape game and a good game master has the ability to make each player feel as though they’ve been transported to another world!

Let the Games Begin!

Once the doors are closed behind the players, the game masters retreat to the control room. Each escape room is heavily monitored with strategically placed cameras to ensure the safety of the players. The game masters can also provide direction with hints and clues through a microphone if they notice a lack of movement.

That’s why it’s important to remain attentive throughout the hour. Game masters have an encyclopedic knowledge of each room and will know when a difficult section is approaching. Although the rooms are meant to be a challenge, we don’t want our guests leaving the premises feeling like they’ve wasted their time in a room that was too hard!

Post-Game Procedure

During the quiet time it’s the game master’s job to keep the place looking good. Whether that’s cleaning, repairing or resetting – if there’s work to be done, the game master’s will see to it. They also take care to debrief each group after they’ve completed a game by answering queries and relating to the experience they’ve just had. It’s a busy but rewarding job!