What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good for?

Mon, 06 Jan, 2020

What makes escape rooms so great is their versatility, meaning they’re able to effectively accommodate any event type and group. A group visiting for a corporate event will have just as much fun as a couple on a date night! So if you’re interested in a truly unique activity that only takes an hour your time, we definitely recommend checking out your nearest escape venue!

Corporate Team Bonding

Escape rooms are often the top choice for companies looking for a fun and engaging team-building exercise for their employees. Escape rooms allow players to develop all the crucial skills required for a group project such as creative thinking, effective communication and learning to use analysis and logic to view problems from different angles.

Okay, okay… we know what you’re thinking; these skills aren’t what you’d usually associate with an activity that’s actually fun, but that’s what makes escape games the perfect venue for such an event. You’ll be able to be yourself in an immersive environment while learning skills that could benefit your future work-related projects! Ideal!

Celebrate Good Times

Birthday parties, anniversaries, passing an exam or a driving test, getting that job you’ve always wanted, or maybe the sports team you support have just won a title-deciding game… Escape rooms’ serve as a unique venue for any and all occasions worth celebrating and escape room companies will typically have group discounts, too. The more the merrier!

Perfect for Students

Students make up an active demographic of regular escape room players thanks to the student discount that is on offer on a year-round basis. Escape games give students the opportunity to take a break from their studies and bond with friends and catch up with their families in a fun environment.

Date Night!

This might seem like a strange inclusion, but think about it: first dates can be awkward and nerve-wracking. What better way to break the ice than an activity-filled escape game? If you’re looking to take it up a notch, we recommend a horror-themed room to really get things cooking! There’ll simply be no time for those awkward conversations of small talk we all know and hate; instead, you’ll be focussed on trying to escape while seeing the real side of your playing partner. Think of it as five dates in one!