What Should You Expect From Your First Escape Room?

Thu, 23 Jan, 2020

Emotions such as excitement, anticipation and a bit of fear all come with experiencing the unknown for the first time, and feeling slightly anxious before your first escape game is no different. Here’s what you should expect…


A game master will greet you on arrival. The game masters are there to explain the rules and to provide the context to whichever room you’ve picked, this includes the background story, the objectives and the role you and your teammates will play within the narrative. If you’ve got any burning questions, this is your chance to ask!

Before crossing the threshold of your chosen room, you’ll be asked to hand over your mobile phones. Don’t worry, they’ll be stored in a safe and secure location and returned as soon as the game is over!

How Does The Game work?

Escape rooms have a 60-minute time limit, which starts ticking down as soon as the door is ‘locked’ behind you, and depending on the theme you’ve selected, there might be live actors who contribute to the story.

Clues, keys and hidden objects are placed strategically throughout the room and must be found by searching thoroughly in unexpected places. There are also puzzle games that need to be completed in order to obtain the answers and solutions required to advance.                          

Escape within the time limit to ‘win’ the game!

Puzzles You Can’t Solve?

Escape rooms have a variety of puzzles, riddles and problems to solve – you won’t be able to decipher all of them as an individual. This is why it’s important to let every member of your group try their hand at finding a solution before you ultimately concede and give up.

If the solution to a particularly tricky section of the room is still evasive, and a big chunk of your allotted time has disappeared, you can always ask the game master for a hint. They’ll be watching closely from the control room and will know when a difficult section is coming up.

Unable to Escape?

Escape games have a 60-minute time limit, which is more than enough time for most groups. If you’re unable to escape within the hour your game master will either give you the answers to the remaining puzzles or open the door for you to leave – depending on your preference. 

Leaving the room with puzzles left unsolved will give you an opportunity to have a second attempt at a later date!