What NOT to do in an Escape Room!

Thu, 09 Jan, 2020

We want your escape experience to be fun and memorable without being burdened by a bureaucratic list of rules and regulations. But don’t worry; be assured that simply using your common sense is enough to get the most out of your day without crossing any unwanted boundaries. Here are all the things you shouldn’t do in an escape room!

If It Says Don’t Touch… Don’t Touch!

Escape rooms and immersion go hand-in-hand. Players want to feel as though they’ve been ‘transported’ to another world for an hour and will try out a variety of different themes to experience the feeling of visiting multiple, unique worlds. Hence why placing ‘Do Not Touch’ signs in each room is detrimental to the overall immersive experience.

Instead, the game master will inform each group about what you should and shouldn’t touch before the doors are closed. If you’re unsure of a specific item or object, simply leave it untouched.

Don’t Get Rough With Fixtures and Fittings

In the previous point, we mentioned the atmospheric and immersive environment that escape room designers are able to create. They do this by placing objects, furniture and ornaments of high quality that often specially designed to relate to the theme of each room. 

Completing a game will never involve using force of any kind, so if there’s a fitting that seems firmly locked in place when you touch it – move on! The worst thing you can do is to roughly yank at it hoping that it’s part of the narrative. We can assure you it’s not!

Refrain From Using Your Phones!

This might be hard to hear, but your phones are surplus to requirements in an escape room. We know how difficult it is to part ways with our precious tech during the day, but rest assured, you’ll be given an opportunity to safely place your phones in a secure location prior to the start of each game.

This rule is to help make each game as immersive as possible, encouraging players to live in the moment and not be disturbed by several LED torches spoiling the atmospheric lighting in each room.

Don’t Take ‘Souvenirs’ From The Rooms…

We want you to have a day filled with memories that last a lifetime, but leaving the room with ‘souvenirs’ to help you remember your experience is a big no-no. Each of the room’s several items serves a purpose by either adding to the immersion in a decorative sense or by being integral to the narrative, so they need to stay in their rooms at all times.

We understand it can be tempting, but doing so only results in a massive headache for our wonderful game masters!