What Makes Escape Rooms the Perfect Family Activity?

Thu, 13 Feb, 2020

Trying to find an activity that’s fun, engaging, suitable for young children and adult-friendly will most likely drive you insane. Sure, finding something with one or two of those features can be done easily enough, but an activity with ALL of them? 

If you haven’t ever played, or even heard of an escape game, you’ll be delighted to know that they have all the qualities to make for the perfect family day out! Here’s why…

Unique Skill Sets

For a successful escape attempt, an escape game requires a range of unique skills from each of its players. A typical family is blessed with just the right number of people for a group and each family member usually excels in an area where the other doesn’t.

Kids tend to enthusiastically attack the role of chief object finder, whereas the adults take charge of the logic-based puzzles. Also, compared to an adult, a child’s imaginative mind is great when it comes to thinking of solutions that are outside the box.

Time to Let Loose!

Escape rooms are designed with immersion in mind. The quality of these immersive features has increased alongside the concept’s popularity, resulting in rooms of the highest  production value and design standard. 

This incredibly life-like immersion allows families to leave their real-life worries behind and step into another world. Quiet kids and adults alike are free to forget about their phones for 60 minutes and let loose while enjoying some quality time with their loved ones.

Something for Everyone...

One of the best things about escape rooms is the variety; there are literally hundreds of unique themes out there! Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, history, thriller or even horror with live actor, finding one that’s suitable for your family really shouldn’t be a problem.

Reveal Your True Self!

Even the closest families out there are rarely given the opportunity to work together and communicate in a way that’s only made possible in an escape room.

There’s a big difference between dinnertime conversation and communicating to solve complex problems and riddles. You might consider your family to be tight-knit, but once you cross the threshold and the doors close, a new side to your family members may present themselves! Time to discover more!