What Can TV Shows Teach Us About Escape Rooms?

Mon, 28 Oct, 2019

Being successful in an escape room requires a combination of talent from the individuals in your team and from your team as a whole. Escapers need to utilize every skill in their arsenal, whether that’s having an analytical mind-set or working effectively in a team – you can’t expect things to be easy once the doors close!

So, what can our favourite TV shows and characters teach us about teambuilding and other escape room necessities? It’s a lot more than you might think! 

Game of Thrones

Skill: Be cautious and competitive

The global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones taught its millions of viewers the importance of being competitive in your quest for power. Fans of the show will also know to be cautious after enduring a countless number of plot twists and character deaths. What rhymes with Red Wedding? Red Herring!

Breaking Bad

Skill: Be analytical in your approach

Okay, okay… Walter White and Jesse Pinkman won’t be topping lists of role models any time soon, but when it comes to analysing a complicated situation and devising a genius plan, there’s no better than the two Breaking Bad stars. Think about their analytical approach when you and your team are trying to solve puzzles in an escape room!

Stranger Things

Skill: Expect the unexpected

The upside down, The Demogorgon, telekinetic power… Eleven and the rest of the gang from the hit 80’s throwback Stranger Things have to constantly deal with all manner of unexpected occurrences in their town of rural Hawkins. Remember that you only have 60 minutes to escape, so always expect the unexpected in whichever escape room theme you choose!


Skill: Teamwork makes the dream work 

Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant detective who uses logical reasoning, forensic science and acute observation to solve mysteries. He’s not a one-man show, though. His best friend and colleague Dr. Watson is always there to lend a helping hand.  Teambuilding in Dubai is one of the most important aspects of all escape rooms, and we can learn a lot from Sherlock and Watson’s classic double act!