What are Portable Escape Games?

Thu, 08 Aug, 2019

You might have seen an option for portable escape games online and thought to yourself, what are these all about?

Escape rooms are naturally designed to be self-contained – the clue is in the name. Portable escape games make use of the same principles as a standard escape room but in an off-site environment.

It might sound strange, but trust us; they’re a unique alternative and can make for a memorable event at any location. Try it out for yourself!


Portal escape games are a new and unique escape room experience brought directly to you. Consisting of a transportable range of specialized decor and highly versatile puzzles, allowing an escape room company to recreate an escape game to the client’s specifications. 

The puzzles are similar to ones you’d find in an escape room but are easily moveable – hence ‘portable’ escape games. They can be set up in any way you’d like and a theme of the clients choice can be attributed to the set-up. It’s down to the professionals to tie in the theme with the puzzles.

Experienced companies are able to seamlessly integrate any theme you’d like to showcase, and provide the appropriate decorations, props and scenarios. 


All that’s needed is an electrical supply and space to set up the activity. Portable escape games can take place basically anywhere: hotel ballrooms, parking lots, parks and so on.

All the client has to do is sit back, relax and let the skilled team take care of all logistical and labour concerns. You’ll be able to get the full escape room experience at a location of your choice while being tailor-made for your convenience. How good does that sound?!


The portable escape room experience is very flexible and is able to accommodate both small parties and a large number of participants at the same time. They’re perfect for corporate or team-building events and birthday parties.