Weird Behaviours That Are Totally Normal in an Escape Room

Thu, 12 Dec, 2019

Once the doors are locked behind a willing group of potential escapees, their phones aren’t the only things that stay on the other side. The societal norms that we’re so accustomed to also don’t make it past the door, causing the mutation of you and your well-mannered teammates into creatures of chaos.

Below is a list of anti-social behaviour that just so happens to be completely normal in an escape room game environment. Read on to find out if you’ve ever experienced these escape room behaviours!


Collecting interesting trinkets and valuable objects is totally normal on the outside world; it’s when this behaviour devolves into the stockpiling of useless items that it becomes a problem. To all the hoarders out there, you’ll be delighted to know that this behaviour is celebrated within the confines of an escape room. In fact, hoarding all the items and clues you find can even assist your escape process! So, by all means, hoard away!

Shouting over each other!

Politely listening to those around you and waiting for your turn to speak is expected in our daily discourse – but this is simply not the case in an escape room. People quickly forget their manners, and regular conversation becomes a shouting match if you want to get your point across. This method of communication wouldn’t be tolerated in a boardroom or in a classroom, but it’s definitely welcomed in an escape room!

Touching everything!

Imagine you’re in a store and you spot someone running their hands over every nook, cranny and surface while crawling on their hands and knees… you’d leave immediately and try to forget the scene you’ve just witnessed. In an escape room however, not only is this behaviour totally normal, it’s also downright encouraged! There are hidden objects placed strategically throughout an escape room that are often invisible to the naked eye. Touching everything in sight is something you simply HAVE to do!