Try an Escape Room Birthday Party!

Mon, 23 Sep, 2019

Organising a birthday party at an escape room is now incredibly simple thanks to the increasing availability of flexible escape room party packages. Boys, girls, teens, adults – there are suitable themes for all group types; so you don’t have to worry about doing something that isn’t to your taste.

Escape Room Birthday Party

Here’s a list of reasons why it’s something you should consider!


Dedicated escape room party packages are fast becoming the norm in the escape room industry. The competitive pricing and facilities capable of hosting up to 25 people make this an idea event for any birthday.

You’re probably wondering, how much does an escape room birthday party cost? At system_db, for example, two different packages are available at different price points, from AED 110 to AED 125, depending on the number of active players. 


ANYONE can take part! Whether you’re looking to organise a birthday party for boys, girls, colleagues or family members – an escape room is the perfect indoor activity to make your special day memorable.

Escape games are fun in a safe and controlled environment. Simply send out your escape room birthday party invitations and have an awesome day! It’s important to know that there are times when an accompanying adult would need to be present as some rooms DO have age limitations. 


Escape games cater to everyone thanks to the wide variety of genres and themes. We guarantee you’ll find a game that is suitable for your group!

If you’re concerned about the horror themes for a younger audience, you’ll be pleased to know that children’s room escape games include the extremely popular ‘School of Magic’ wizard themed fantasy room. So don’t worry, there is something for everyone!