Top Five Chris Ramsay Puzzles on YouTube!

Tue, 09 Jun, 2020

With an impressive subscriber count that sits just under 4 million, Chris Ramsay is an incredibly popular YouTuber who delights his fans with illusionary street magic and, of course, his prolific puzzle-busting prowess!

His YouTube channel features many of the world’s most creatively complex and challenging physical puzzle designs that he tackles with skill and plenty of patience.

Yet to be outsmarted, let’s take a look at Mr Ramsay’s top five lightbulb moments these might even inspire you during your next escape room visit!

Warning: the following videos contain spoilers to their respective puzzles!

Lotus Flower, Will Strijbos

Designed in blue anodised aluminium, the Lotus Flower puzzle may seem solid and heavy, but sleight of hand is required in order to navigate the multiple intricacies contained in this enigmatic creation.

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Impossible Bottle, Project Genius

Cleverly disguised as a beautiful home or office decoration, the Impossible Bottle conceals a brain-teaser based on themes from ancient civilizations. You know a puzzle is going to be difficult when the contents are staring you directly in the face!

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$10,000 Puzzle Box, Craig Thibodeau & Robert Yarger

As a puzzle fanatic, Mr Ramsay goes above and beyond expectations by commissioning pricey custom-built designs to fully test his skills. As a truly standalone and one-of-a-kind piece, there are no instructions or online tutorials for reference points. It’s just him and the puzzle.

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Level 10 Jigsaw Puzzle, Yuu Asaka

29 pieces, 5x5 grid, 5 corners… need we say more? Oh, almost forgot: every single piece is designed in transparent acrylic! This could potentially be the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle. Good luck to each and every one of you brave souls who might consider attempting it!

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Impossible Lock, Dan Feldman

I mean, it’s called the Impossible Lock for a reason, right?! Made to order by Dan Feldman, the Impossible Lock is a contraption of immense difficulty that requires the player to first unlock and then reassemble the intricate metallic device.

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