Top 4 Christmas Gift Ideas!

Thu, 05 Dec, 2019

Christmas is the time of giving, and the best gifts this Christmas will be those that are thoughtful and connect each lucky individual. That time of the year is quickly approaching, and to help out, we’ve devised a list of extra special escape room themed goodies to give your loved ones this year! 

Let’s start off by saying an escape game is a guaranteed way to get people talking! Sure, we might be biased, but take it from the specialists when we say the best way to have a memorable Christmas is to host it at a memorable venue!


If you’re someone who struggles with indecision, Christmas gift cards are here to the rescue! The beauty of gift cards is that they’re totally open-ended. Simply select the value of the card and voila! You have your gift. You don’t have to decide a date, time or room – just put cash on the card and move on with your day. Easy, right! This way, you won’t have to worry about the nightmare scenario of selecting a theme that’s actually disliked.


Puzzle gifts are timeless and are one of the best Christmas gifts to be loved by the whole family. Rubik’s cubes, crosswords, tongue twisters and brainteasers are available in most stores and can be enjoyed by toddlers and grandparents alike. They’ll also test your skills and prepare you for a real-life escape room challenge!


To really get your loved one in the mood for an escape-themed Christmas, why not try ‘The Escape Book: Can You Escape this Book?’ by Ivan Tapia. This is the perfect gift and a unique appetiser for escape room fans, giving you the chance to hone your skills and prepare yourself for the real thing.