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Three Great Ideas for a Birthday Present!

Organising a great birthday party can be a headache for anyone. Venues, RSVP’s and gift ideas are a small number of grumbles that party planners have to deal with. If that time of the year is quickly approaching, we’ll help out by selecting three great birthday gift ideas related to a birthday in an escape room to give you peace of mind. It’s always a bonus knowing that you’ve secured a uniquely awesome gift! 

1) Escape Room Birthday!

Let’s start off by saying a birthday party at an escape room venue is a sure-fire way to get people talking! Sure, we might be biased, but take it from the specialists when we say the best way to have a memorable birthday is to host it at a memorable venue… It’s simple mathematics!

Organising a birthday party at an escape room is now incredibly simple thanks to a number of flexible birthday packages that are becoming increasingly available. Boys, girls, teens, adults – there are suitable themes for all group types so you don’t have to worry about encountering something that isn’t to your taste.

2) Gift Cards!

If you’re someone who struggles with indecision, fear not, gift cards are here to the rescue! The beauty of NoWayOut gift cards is that they’re totally open-ended. Simply select the value of the card and voila! You have your gift. You don’t have to decide a date, time or room – just put cash on the card and move on with your day. Easy, right! This way, you won’t have to worry about the nightmare scenario of selecting a theme that’s actually disliked.

3) The Escape Book!

To really get your loved one in the mood for an escape room birthday party why not try ‘The Escape Book: Can You Escape this Book?’ by Ivan Tapia. This is the perfect gift and a unique appetiser for escape room fans, giving you the chance to hone your skills and prepare yourself for the real thing.


our rooms


Da Vinci

2-6 60 min Fairly Difficult EN
horror with live actor

The Ring

2-6 60 min Fairly Difficult EN


2-6 60 min Fairly Difficult EN

School of Magic

2-6 60 min Medium EN


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