The World's Most Bizarre Escape Rooms

Mon, 06 Apr, 2020

Escape rooms come in a range of distinct shapes, sizes, themes and technology – despite there being thousands of active rooms around the world, you’ll never find two that are exactly the same!

We’ve compiled a list of five truly unique escape rooms that either have: A) a one-of-a-kind setting or B) contain quirky and eccentric features.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the world’s must-see escape rooms…

1. Hopper’s Cabin

If you’re a Stranger Things fan then you’ll know all about the fan-favourite character known as Hopper and his secluded cabin home, and luckily for you, it’s been converted into an escape room for fans of the show!

The real-life cabin is located in Sleepy Hollow Farm, an adventure theme park in Powder Springs, Georgia and is hosted by escape game operator ‘Escape Woods’.

2. Flight 338

An escape room set inside the walls of a decommissioned aeroplane has arrived in London. This room is a world’s first and one-of-a-kind, making it a must-see for fans of the relentless escape room craze.

Set up by escape room company, ‘Riddle Within’, the plane was even specially shipped from the United States for this unique take on the popular concept.

Titled, ‘Flight 338’, players will take part in an immersive storyline that includes law-breaking, gangs, robberies and heists in what is set up to be a crime-fuelled hour of exciting escape attempts.


A group of five friends have created a mobile escape game prototype that is self-contained within a single pair of wearable pants!

The idea behind ‘PANTS//OFF’ revolves around the villainous ‘Dr Flouride’, who has rigged the pants to explode after ‘Secret Agent 7’ had been called into HQ to test out the new creation.

Players must escape from the booby-trapped pants within 10 minutes, or risk being blown to pieces by the sinister trap!

The pants themselves have a surprising amount of clues, puzzles, locks, objects and electronics that have been stored away in hidden compartments and pockets.

4. The Recruit

‘The Escape Manor’, an escape room in the Canadian Capital City of Ottawa, has a newly developed room that aims to help Canada’s security and intelligence community with recruiting new personnel to their ranks.

The room itself is aptly named ‘The Recruit’ and was designed with the help of the CSE – Communications Security Establishment. The government agency even provided real-life props to make the experience as authentic as possible and to recreate situations that actual CSE staff would encounter on a regular day’s shift!

The room is extremely difficulty – boasting just a 14% success rate. To make matters even more difficult, there is a bonus activity that has just a 1% success rate! Completing the bonus activity will put your name forward as a potential candidate for CSE recruiters!

5. The Escape Game

Escape room company, ‘The Escape Game’, in Midtown Manhattan, have designed their escape rooms with an increased focus on customizability and inclusivity.

If you’re wondering what exactly that means in relation to the room itself – it means that the specific difficulty of each room can be increased or decreased depending on the skill level of the group!

The geniuses at ‘The Escape Game’ found a system that allows their game masters to simply modify the clues and puzzles depending on how quickly the group is advancing through the room.