Surviving a Horror-Themed Escape Room: Tips & Tricks

Thu, 28 Nov, 2019

Horror escape rooms are the most popular among ALL escape room themes. They aim to challenge your mind in creative ways, and can often leave their brave players feeling weak and the knees, initiating that adrenaline-fuelled ‘fight or flight’ response that comes after a well-timed scare.

Horror escape rooms are the most popular

So if you’re bravely thinking of searching for ‘horror escape rooms near me’, here are a few tips on how to survive your first experience!

Go with a Large Group

When you search for a list of escape room horror themes, you’ll notice that the recommended group size is often bigger than usual. This is not by coincidence. Strength in numbers is key when you attempt a spine-chilling escape game, and the moments that would normally seem terrifying to a small group suddenly seems a lot more bearable. Bring more than a few friends along with you and take on the challenge together!

Leave Whenever You Want

Horror escape room theme ideas range from the truly insane, action-packed joy ride to more psychological thrillers that can freak you out mentally as the game progresses. It’s important to remember that regardless of the horror room theme, you are free to leave WHENEVER you want! Sure, the doors are ‘locked’ behind you, but escape room companies care about their players and would never intentionally hold you against your will. That would be kidnapping.

Progression Makes Things Easier

When you experience something new for the first time, it loses its edge each time after. The same logic can be applied to the scares hiding in even the scariest escape rooms in the world. If you’re feeling nervous about the scares that are waiting for you, just know that after you endure the first one, the rest will be a cakewalk. By the end of the game, you’ll be relishing each new scare that pops out at you!

It’s all in Your Head

Escape rooms nowadays are more immersive than ever. This means that although you’re in an incredibly life-like simulation – a simulation is all it is! Escape rooms are meant to test your skills with puzzles, codes, clues and hidden objects. The scary element is just part of the escape room theme horror. Always remember that you’re perfectly safe and the creepy ghouls and ghosts lurking in the shadows are nothing more than live-actors!