Play a Starring Role in Your Own Movie!

Mon, 15 Jun, 2020

Would you rather watch or play? I think we can safely assume that the vast majority of us would choose the latter – even without any context! We all love the cinema, but it’s not the be-all and end-all; let’s take a look at how we add a little zest to our activity choices and expand our horizons…

The Old Friend: Cinema

Catching the latest blockbuster on the big screen has been a cultural staple ever since its inception in the early 20th Century. A darkened theatre hall, lots of junk food and comfortable seats create the perfect environment for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the film’s plot.

A trip to your local venue is a safe option when you’re looking for things to do – you know what to expect and you can’t really go wrong. There’s something beautiful about sharing the moment in hushed silence with your friends and strangers alike!

The New Kid on the Block: Escape Rooms

With that being said, what if we told you that there’s an action-packed alternative to cinema that allows you to play a starring role in your very own story? Think of all the times you’ve rolled your eyes and sat helplessly as the film’s antagonist eludes capture for the twentieth time! So frustrating...

You don’t just think you can do a better job than the film’s lead detective, you know you can! And now you have the opportunity to prove it. Rather than passively experiencing the story arch through vicarious eyes, escape rooms allow you to live out the action in real-time!

Don’t Watch, Play.

In the grand scheme of things, escape rooms could still be classed as the newcomer to the entertainment sector. However, as the industry grows with each passing year, improvements are consistently made to the tech, features and narrative – creating a uniquely player-driven experience.

Assemble your group, pick a theme and cross the threshold into what appears to be a world separate from our own. Whichever narrative you’ve selected – whether it’s murder mystery, historically-oriented or fantasy – you’ll feel as though your choices matter, and will ultimately affect the outcome of your escape attempt.

As the game unfolds and the clock ticks down, you’ll experience what it’s like to be those on-screen characters we’ve been watching our entire lives! How cool is that? 

Next time you’re on the hunt for an exciting activity: don’t watch, play!