How to Prepare for Your First Escape Room

Thu, 30 Jan, 2020

If you’re an escape room newcomer whose planning their first trip, then you’ve come to the right place! There’s a lot to take in and process, so here’s a breakdown of what you should expect and how you should prepare in order to fully enjoy the experience on your exciting day...

1. Project Manager?                        

If you’re looking for an efficient, beat-the-clock type experience, selecting a project manager is the way forward. Okay, okay, we understand that anything involving a ‘project manager’ surely can’t be fun, right? This is what makes escape room games unique; the assigned project manager can play a critical role in your group’s success but in a fun and entertaining way!

2. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

People tend to over analyse simple things and end up getting lost down the rabbit hole. This is why you need to remind yourself that the average person should be able to complete an escape room within the time limit. You’re typically given one hour to escape, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but trust us when we say you should be able to escape with more than enough minutes left.

3. Organisation is Key!

Designate a specific area of the room for all the hidden objects and clues that you find and a separate discard pile for the used locks and keys from solved puzzles. This will help you get a better understanding of the overall picture and give you some direction of what to do next. Rule of thumb: don’t let your teammates walk around with items without consulting the group first!

4. The Room’s Backstory is Important

The game master will set the scene by providing context and clues related to the room’s theme before the doors are locked behind you. This is for YOUR benefit, so listen intently and you might pick up on some secret escape room tips! If the room contains live actors, listen to what they have to say if you’re really stuck…

5. Use Your Group!

Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to solve the more difficult puzzles, so cycle through your team members or search the room thoroughly before giving up altogether. An escape room is a TEAM game! Playing the lone wolf will get your group nowhere!