How to Pick a Suitable Escape Room

Tue, 21 Apr, 2020

There are a surprising number of unique variables associated with modern escape rooms, so choosing one that’s suitable requires a decent amount of thought – the days of single rooms with straightforward puzzles are long-gone! Before embarking on your escape experience, we’ve outlined all the main points you should consider to make the most out of your day!

1. Choose a Difficulty Level

Escape rooms usually have three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It’s important to know that these are by no means set in stone – you can play ANY room you want! Advanced players can play beginner rooms and vice versa. Think of them as a guide to ensure each player gets the absolute most out of their escape experience.

2. Type of Escape Room

It’s important to consider the type of escape room experience that you’re looking for. Questions such as whether you want the room to include live actors, if you want a linear or non-linear narrative (the latter being much more difficult) and whether you want a single or multiple rooms!

3. Look for an Ideal Theme

Escape rooms attract an incredible variety of people: students, colleagues, friends, families, youngsters and oldies – the concept is for everyone! This is made possible by the availability of a HUGE variety of themes. Bone-chilling horror, immersive fantasy and thrilling murder mystery - we guarantee there’s an escape theme out there that’s perfect for you!

4. Check Booking Availability

Finding time as a group is often difficult. Coordinating with your friends is a lot harder than it should be when we take into account everyone’s schedules, commitments and the general grind of everyday life. Fortunately, most companies now have sophisticated booking systems that allow us to settle on a date well in advance. Bear in mind that larger groups and events will need to book further in advance.

5. Read Online Reviews

Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to find escape room reviews online. Sometimes you’ll notice a particular escape room that you’re interested in has vastly inconsistent reviews. This could be down to personal preference, alterations made over time and the fact you can only play the room once – causing a drastic change in opinion from player to player. Check out Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and even the company’s own website to find up-to-date reviews!