How do you Actually Play an Escape Game?

Wed, 24 Jul, 2019

Sure, you’ve probably heard of an escape room game – but have you ever asked yourself: what is the process behind it and how do you actually play? Here is the basic rundown on how escape games usually work.

1. Gather your team                                

Searching on Google for: ‘escape rooms for 2 players near me’ will show you results for most escape rooms in Dubai. They typically require between 2 and 6 players, so gather a team of motivated friends and/or family to get started!

2. Book one of the games

There is a versatile array of escape rooms in Dubai. Themes range anywhere from futuristic, horror, murder mystery and magical among many others. Book the room that you feel will suit your group the most.

3. Get locked in

Now the fun begins, it’s time to get locked into your chosen room! Remember: you can leave at any time – just let the game master know and they’ll let you out.

4. Find clues and solve puzzles

Clues are hidden throughout the room. Search thoroughly and find them in unexpected places to advance through the narrative. Try out escape rooms with live actors for a uniquely immersive experience.

5. Escape within 60 minutes

Typically, escape rooms in Dubai will have a 60-minute timer, which starts ticking down as soon as the doors are shut. Escape within this time to ‘win’ the game!