How an Escape Room can Benefit Your Team

Mon, 18 Nov, 2019

If you have any escape room team building questions or concerns, we’re here to suggest why taking part in the hour-long activity can provide multiple long-term benefits to you and your teammates. Read on if you’d like to know more!

Practice Life Skills Together

Teamwork, creative thinking, perception, competition and concentration are among the many life skills that can be improved upon simply by playing an escape game. The variety of puzzles involved throughout each room – from code-breaking to object hunts – have been specifically designed to test the skills of every team member. You’ll be surprised at the creative solutions you can conjure while under pressure!

Boost Efficiency

We’re taught from an early age that practice makes perfect, so using the same team to experiment with different themes will turn your group into a well-oiled machine. The synergy among your team members will be elevated to new levels after constant exposure to different problems and puzzles. You’ll find yourself escaping in record time!

Boost Confidence Among Each other

Escape room team building activities allow team members to gain confidence in their own ability to think outside the box, communicate, perceive unnoticeable details and encourages everyone to take a more proactive role in a group situation. Gaining confidence in yourself, and witnessing your teammates doing the same, is the ultimate mood-booster.

Create a More Enjoyable Workplace

Getting in a break from the daily grind of work is important for our physical and mental health. Either squeeze in an escape room team-building break during the working day to get everyone away from their desks, or plan to meet up after working hours. This will allow everyone to blow off some steam and relax away from the pressures of work, giving you the chance to see your colleagues’ true personalities shine!

Great Icebreaker

An escape room team building idea is the best way to shake off the tension that comes with new employees in a new work environment. The early stages of a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience and quite stressful for both the new and current employees. An escape game is the perfect icebreaker to get rid of any awkwardness and quickly ease your work-related anxiety. You’ll all be friends In no time!