Five Mind-Bending Escape Room Puzzles

Mon, 04 Nov, 2019

The variety and unpredictability of escape room puzzles are what makes them so exciting – players usually have no idea what they’re in for once the doors close! There are five puzzles in particular that are great at getting us active in an escape room by forcing our brains to work slightly harder than normal. Let’s find out what they are…

1. Hollowed Book

Hollowed out books are the best! Not only are they fun to create, but they also act as an interactive puzzle that isn’t overly difficult to solve.

Books make for excellent hiding places as they very rarely look suspicious or out of place. When you add multiple books to a single room, players are most likely to assume they’re simply part of the décor. The hollowed space is big enough for you to add anything you like – even a red herring if you’re feeling devious!

2. Maps or Guides

Maps and guides are tedious at the best of times but place them in a pressure cooker environment of an escape room, and you’ll really notice how puzzling they can be.

Quickly interpreting an escape room map or guide relies heavily on effective and ordered teamwork from your group. The minutes will quickly vanish otherwise, leaving you wondering where all the time went!

3. Missing Passcode

Escape rooms are awesome because of their flexibility and the endless possibilities that exist once a code is cracked. Think of each puzzle like a domino, after one is completed, the next in line will eventually fall – culminating in the room’s finale. 

A missing passcode is exciting because it can lead to any number of possibilities within the room. What exists beyond the passcode? Information? A cypher? Another code? A room with a missing passcode is guaranteed to elevate the levels of excitement by giving the group a single goal to work towards. 

4. Wise Contestant

This is a cheeky trick that can sometimes be used by gamemasters as an interactive tool to make their guests feel more involved in the game

In the most nonchalant way possible, a gamemaster will bring one lucky player to the side prior to doors closing and give them access to a code or combination. Under strict orders, the chosen one absolutely cannot reveal their secret until the other players say a trigger word or phrase. The reveal is what makes this puzzle extra special!

5. Locked Diary

Locked diaries are additions that you must have in horror-themed and murder mystery themed rooms. These create a sense that something disturbing or chilling lays within the confines of the diary’s pages. Finding ways into the book can be anything from a simple lock and key to a combination that requires a process to find.