Escape Rooms and COVID-19: Five Steps to Play Safely

Thu, 28 May, 2020

The government-issued lockdown on non-essential businesses – including those in the entertainment sector – meant escape rooms in Dubai and across the world had their doors closed indefinitely. The precautionary measures were put in place to protect our health and safety and negate the spread of COVID-19.

The UAE Government announced that starting on the 27th of May, lockdown restrictions are to be eased and specific businesses to re-open – albeit with social distancing measures in place.

Only when it’s safe to do so and the green light is officially given, escape rooms will eventually open their doors once again to welcome new and returning escapees. Here’s what you can expect to ensure the safety of our facilities, staff and players.

1. Private Groups Only

Although system_db doesn’t have a mixed-group option, there are many escape room companies out there that choose to only operate rooms that are fully booked. This means that, unless the number of people in your group is equal to the room’s capacity, you’ll be grouped with strangers to make up the remaining numbers.

As a result of social distancing measures, it’s crucial that we reduce the number of people we come into unnecessary contact with and instead maintain a small social circle. This is why the elimination of mixed-player games is more or less guaranteed.

2. Thorough Disinfection Procedure

After each game, the rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by members of staff. There will be a particular focus on heavy use objects such as locks, keys, buttons, puzzle surfaces and doorknobs.

3. Facemasks Required

As an extra preventative measure, every participant – including members of staff will require facemasks. Everyone in the UAE is required to bring a facemask with them when stepping out from their homes; sure, it might cramp your style, but prioritising safety should be our number one concern!

4. Hand Wash & Sanitise

Players will be required to wash or sanitise their hands prior to entering the rooms. The molecular structure of COVID-19, specifically the lipid bilayer, means that something as simple and mundane as washing your hands for 20 seconds is proven to break down and kill the viral structure. This is why washing and sanitising your hands is so important!

Escape room venues will have hand sanitising stations in place for players to use as often as they like – don’t be shy!

5. Bring a Positive Mindset

We’re all in this together – remember that. Being cooperative, courteous and patient can go a long way; especially when it concerns the health and safety of those around you. If you listen carefully to the game masters’ instructions and follow the rules, we have no doubt that you’ll have an escape experience to remember!