Escape Room Guide: Advanced Players

Thu, 07 May, 2020

Advanced players are those of you who have completed 10+ escape rooms and counting – with increasing speed and success.

Your vast understanding of the concept allows you to perceive rooms differently from the rest of us mortals, meaning a different approach is required. Let’s take a look at what that approach might be…

1. Choose Your Group Wisely

Escape rooms are a group activity to be enjoyed with your friends, family members and colleagues, and while the-more-the-merrier is true for regular players, those with more miles on the clock might want to choose their group more carefully.

Advanced players are likely to know all the tricks of the trade, having completed multiple games with multiple companies. They’re serious about getting the job done as efficiently as possible and don’t need those extra minutes to acclimatise to their new surroundings.

Think of advanced players as F1 cars in a Grand Prix starting grid – ready to launch as soon as they’re given the green light!

To save getting frustrated by time-wasting, it’s recommended that advanced players group up with other like-minded individuals or those with the same level of experience. 

2. Look for Experimental Offerings

Regardless of how much you enjoy a specific activity or hobby, doing the same thing over and over again can get boring fairly quickly. Keeping things fresh is key to counteracting that feeling of repetition.

When it comes to escape rooms: keeping things fresh is second nature. Seriously, there are endless variations that are continuously popping up around the world. The increased competition means companies are working doubly hard to produce exciting new challenges that go above and beyond expectations.

If you’re an advanced player, be on the lookout for rooms that seem even more experimental than usual. Whether it’s the physical setting, the storyline, theme or the inclusion of new technology – you’ll definitely find that jaw-dropping room if you look hard enough!

3.  Don’t Forget Why You’re There!

All things considered, it’s surprisingly easy for advanced players to get so wrapped up in the ‘escape’ that they end up forgetting how they got hooked in the first place!

The simple answer is this: because it’s fun.

Fun is the reason you’ve completed countless renditions and are on the constant lookout for more. By all means, take it as seriously as you’d like to, but that shouldn’t distract you from taking a moment to enjoy each other’s company.

The escape lasts just 60 minutes, but the memories you create can last a lifetime!