Commonly Heard Phrases in an Escape Room!

Tue, 24 Dec, 2019

You hear all type of questions, phrases and statements from eager escape room players before, during and after their escape attempt. Game masters will tell you they’ve heard it all, from the outlandish to the reasonable, here are the most commonly heard phrases that are said on a daily basis…

“This Has Laser Tag Vibes…”

You might not think so, but the escape room interior is often eerily similar to a laser tag venue. The feeling of suspense, the adrenaline, even the smell can evoke the same feelings that players get in a game of laser tag. The major difference is the lack of artificial fog that gets pumped out from a laser tag fog machine! 

“Will The Live Actors Scare Us?”

This is a question that’s asked by nearly every brave participant before entering a horror-themed escape room, and as fear is subjective, giving a straight answer isn’t always easy. What might be utterly terrifying for one person may not be scary at all to another. The live actors are there to add to the immersion. If you feel a sense of dread by the shadowy figure that lurks in the darkness, don’t worry, that’s simply the live actor nailing their job!

“We Aren’t Smart Enough To Escape!”

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, ‘failing’ is perfectly acceptable, especially if it’s your first try! Escape games can be practiced like any other skill, meaning you’ll improve with each of your attempts. Remember that you’re free to ask for help from the game master if you’re stuck on a particularly difficult section of the room!

“Can I Skip Parts Of The Room?”

Escape rooms are designed with a linear narrative, meaning you have to complete one section in order to move onto the next. This design means simply skipping a section that you find difficult isn’t possible. To make up for this, you’re encouraged to ask for hints and clues from the watching game masters. The amount of times you ask is entirely up to the group - depending on how difficult you want the experience to be!