Classic Escape Room Player: The Dad

Tue, 05 May, 2020

The Dad is a classic escape room personality that we’ve seen a countless number of times over the years. Regardless of their backgrounds, all dads share specific traits and behaviours that are particularly noticeable in an escape room environment! Can you recognise any of these qualities in your dad? 

Small Talk Master

Dads are the masters of small talk – a skill they’ve acquired through years of experience. They like to get the lay of the land before crossing the threshold and will ask their game master a variety of both general and detail-driven questions. Not ones for extended periods of silence: expect to hear The Dad asking about the staff’s day, cracking cringe-worthy jokes, and trying to wrestle as many hints as he can before the game starts!

First to Get Immersed

What might come as a surprise to many is that fact that The Dad is often the first to get immersed in the game. He’ll designate codenames for himself and his teammates, deck himself out in a funny costume complete with props, and generally get stuck into the spirit of the concept – showing us all how it should be done!

Immediately Assumes Leadership

The Dad will immediately move to assume a leadership role within your group. That might be totally fine in ordinary circumstances, but remember that escape rooms present the perfect opportunity to get as experimental and creative as possible. If that means putting your foot down and seizing command for an hour – go or it! Unlock your hidden potential!

The Handshake…

The Handshake is a way of life for The Dad. Whether it’s the game masters or his teammates, everyone gets one after the 60 minutes is up! Win, lose (or draw), the handshake signifies a successful transaction within the bounds of fair play and teamwork. At the end of the day, winning is of little importance compared to the memories gained with his beloved family.

Sports Lingo!

It wouldn’t be a competitive outing without the usual sport-related quips from The Dad! A goal-oriented task combined with a limited time element will result in sports lingo being dished out left, right and centre! Listen out for any of the following:

- “We’re in overtime…”
- “It’s the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded...”
- “Let’s knock it out the park!”