Christmas Corporate Event at an Escape Room!

Thu, 19 Dec, 2019

Work can be tough, especially at the end of the year when tiredness and stress starts to manifest itself more often than usual. As Christmas is the time of giving, sharing and forgiveness, what better way to resolve past conflicts and take a break from the toils of our daily working lives than an escape room?

It’s the best way to wipe the slate clean in preparation for a new year of excitement and challenges! Here’s why you should get involved…

It’s Fun!

First of all, we wouldn’t recommend doing something if it wasn’t fun – especially in the context of a corporate event. A corporate event that isn’t fun will end up feeling like unpaid overtime that’s taking place out of the office, leaving you and your colleagues feeling more miserable than before! No one wants to do something that feels like a chore during Christmas…

Take it from the experts when we say escape rooms are awesome. Fun is contagious and unifying, and you’ll be able to laugh and joke about your shared memories – creating a fantastic working environment the next time you’re in the office!

It’s Challenging!

A corporate event needs to be fun, but it also needs to be challenging – a group of adult professionals won’t want to participate is something childish. You could say that escape rooms are challenging entertainment, as they contain puzzles, riddles, clues and hidden objects that require some amount of brainpower to compete!

Remember choosing a difficulty level is completely down to the group! Easy or difficult – it’s up to you and you only have 60 minutes to escape…

It’s Rewarding!

Players are often too busy being immersed in the challenging gameplay to realise that they’re developing new skills. Successfully completing an escape room offer often leaves players feeling a real sense of accomplishment; whether it’s patience, teamwork, communication, perception or creative thinking – escape rooms are designed in a way to test and develop the skills of each player.

You’ll feel refreshed and ready to go at your work-related projects with renewed vigour and excitement after your escape experience, and with Christmas quickly approaching, why not treat your office to a memorable outing?