Are Escape Rooms too hard for Kids?

Thu, 22 Aug, 2019

There are a huge variety of escape rooms. This variety makes them inclusive to people from all walks of life and to all ages – it’s what makes them so great! However, one frequently asked question – usually from concerned parents – is whether escape rooms in Dubai are suitable for their children…

Could the difficulty be an issue? Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, so it’s a sensible question.

Here are four steps to follow prior to visiting an escape room in Dubai with kids:

1. Consult the company FAQ’s beforehand to look for any age restrictions.
2. Check company FAQ’s if you’re bringing young children that are not yours, as some require a parental signature.
3. Choose a theme that is suitable for younger children.
4. Check the difficulty of each room.

After consulting the company’s FAQ’s, it’s important to consider the theme and the difficulty of each room. These factors will have an important bearing on whether the room is suitable for children.

Horror and murder mystery themed escape rooms might not be suitable, as well as rooms with a harder difficulty – as the puzzles and riddles will be aimed at a more mature audience.

The following is system_db’s policy regarding escape rooms for kids, Dubai:

   - system_db has NO age limit.
   - Recommended minimum age is 12.
   - Children below the age of 12 will need adult supervision. 

After considering your options, it’s important to remember that the decision ultimately lies with you. Of course some rooms will be too difficult for very young children, but if they want a fun challenge, why not? Players of all ages are welcome to try and escape the room in Dubai with kids.