Are Escape Rooms Scary?

Tue, 21 Jan, 2020

The incredibly successful ‘SAW’ film franchise, as well as the much more recent 2019 title ‘Escape Room’, captured the attention of a global audience while pushing the narrative that escape rooms are inherently scary.

It’s true that escape-room-inspired films and television shows are often scary, pitting the unwilling protagonists against a kidnapping villain who forces them to escape a life-or-death situation.

It makes for great entertainment, but entertainment that is entirely fictional!

Escape rooms are fun, safe and led by experienced professionals who’ll keep a watchful eye on you for the entire duration of your game. Here, we’ve debunked a bunch of commonly held misconceptions to put your mind at ease prior to your escape room experience….


The idea of being locked in a confined space is enough to evoke feelings of claustrophobia in even the most stoic individual. But it’s important to know that escape rooms themselves are far from confined. The rooms are spacious enough for multiple people to walk about freely and contain separate rooms within. They’re a lot bigger than you’d think!

Handcuffs and Restraints

You will never be handcuffed or restrained before, during or after your escape room experience. The rooms are designed to test a variety of logic and communication-based skills – not your ability to escape from restraints! Once the door is locked, you’ll have 60 minutes to explore the room in whichever way you please!

Locked in

Although the doors are indeed ‘locked’ behind you, please remember that you’re free to leave whenever you wish. We want you to have an awesome experience and your well-being is our number one priority. So if you feel uncomfortable at any stage, inform the game master assigned to your room and they’ll let you out!

Unwarranted Touching

Some escape games come with live actors, meaning you and your group won’t be alone in the room. This can be scary, especially in horror-themed rooms, as the live actors bring a new dimension of realism to the already immersive atmosphere. But rest assured, the live actors will never touch you in any way, shape or form. They’ll be seen and heard, but never felt!