5 Ways Escape Rooms Can Inspire Your Staff

Thu, 30 Apr, 2020

Employees that feel collectively inspired in the workplace will actually enjoy their daily grind, creating a more positive and energised environment as a result. 

Now, If you’re unfamiliar with escape games, locking your staff in a room with no means of escape until they’ve completed a set amount of tasks might just sound like a regular day at the office!

We’re here to tell you why a trip to your nearest escape room can provide a much-needed boost to the wellbeing of your staff in FIVE beneficial ways!

1. Enhanced Critical Thinking

Escape rooms are designed to improve players’ ability to think critically and solve problems in a variety of ways. Having the confidence to do so will reduce work-related anxiety when out-the-box solutions are required for complex tasks.

2. Dose of Exercise

Living a sedentary lifestyle is simply part-and-parcel of a desk job. Sitting behind a computer screen for 8+ hours isn’t good for your mental or physical wellbeing. Escape rooms will give you the chance to get your heart pumping for 60 minutes as you move excitedly from puzzle to puzzle and room to room!

3. Encourages Team Building

Ever heard the phrase “positivity breeds positivity”? This is incredibly true when an office space is concerned. Conflict resolution won’t be an issue when employees feel comfortable around one another, as they’re more likely to work together to achieve their shared goals. Team building and escape rooms are innately linked, so you’ll definitely see an improvement in social dynamic after the whole office gets involved!

4. Everyone Needs a Break

Getting into a solid routine is great, but doing the same thing over and over again can be monotonous and demoralising in the long-term. Escape rooms, while very popular, are still relatively new and quite a niche activity; trying one out for the first time will be a guaranteed awesome experience. Seriously, how often do you get the chance to explore a new and immersive world with your friends and colleagues?

5. Productivity Boost

A healthy, cohesive and happier team will invest more of their untapped potential into their daily tasks. It’s true that feeling inspired at work can boost productivity and vice versa, so maintaining productivity levels is directly linked to the general office mood. As an activity that’s simultaneously challenging and fun: escape rooms present the perfect boost to the unique strengths of your staff members!