5 Top Tips for an Escape Room Newbie

Wed, 03 Jul, 2019

It’s common for an escape game newbie to feel overwhelmed at first. Here are five tips for anyone planning on experiencing an escape room, Dubai for the first time.

1. Think simple

Remind yourself that the average person should be able to complete an escape room. People tend to over analyse simple things and end up getting lost down the rabbit hole. Consider the escape room timings. One hour should be enough time to complete the game.

2. Stay organised

Put the clues and codes you find in one location and group them together for a better view of the emerging picture. Don’t let group members walk around with clues that you don’t know about. Create a discard pile of used keys to ensure people aren’t wasting time on them. 

3. Use your group

If you find yourself wasting time being stuck on a tricky lock or code, cycle through your group members. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to solve more difficult puzzles. An escape room with live actors can even give you tips or hints if you’re really stumped.

4. Select a project manager                        

Now, we understand that anything involving a ‘project manager’ surely can’t be fun, right? This assigned person can play a critical role in your escape room success. They provide cohesion to your group if you’re looking for an efficient, beat-the-clock type experience.

5. Consider the room’s backstory

Keep the room’s theme in mind and think of it like a real-life story when you’re searching for clues in an escape room. ‘The Ring’ for example, could contain clues specific to its creepy storyline, which will lead you to others based on the story telling.