5 Things You Should Remember When Doing an Escape Room With Kids

Tue, 27 Aug, 2019

1. Choose an Appropriate Theme!

First of all – and this may seem obvious – but choose a theme that you know your kids will enjoy. Some family-friendly escape room themes include fantasy, historical and adventure. There are more out there, you just need to look. Those to avoid when playing with particularly young children include horror and murder mystery-themed rooms.

2. Explain Your Thinking Process to Younger Members!

When you’re about to crack a code, solve a riddle or find a hidden object – make sure you explain the why’s and how’s of what you're doing. The last thing you want is for your kids to feel left out or unimportant to the overall process in an escape room, Dubai.

3. Find Suitable Tasks that Children can enjoy!

If there are easier tasks involved in the room, let your kids have a go first. Sure, you may not break any escape record timings, but it beats having a bored group of sulking and irritated youngsters! You won’t get the most out of an escape room for kids in Dubai otherwise!

4. Choose a Room with Unlimited Hints!

Kids are naturally curious and will have no problems asking for hints. Choosing an escape room in Dubai for kids with unlimited hints places them firmly in the driving seat – allowing you to take a step back.

5. Try and Take a Step Back! 

Expanding on the last point, it’s often easy for us adults to overlook our children’s capabilities in a logic-based environment. A child’s perception of the world is much different from ours, and sometimes they’re able to see things that we can’t. Listen to what they have to say – you might be surprised!