5 Skills You Can Learn From Escape Games

Thu, 27 Jun, 2019

Here, we’ll discuss how an escape game can help you master these five key skills.

1. Teamwork

Having success in an escape game revolves around being able to work effectively as part of a team. You’re likely to fall at the first hurdle if your team lacks the communication required to solve the puzzles. Learn this important life skill, and have fun doing it, while playing an escape game – there isn’t a better way! 

2. Creative thinking

Try your hand at solving cryptic riddles by thinking outside the box in escape game ‘Da Vinci’. Escape games will teach you not to take everything at face value – you’ll encounter certain clues and puzzles than can only be solved by thinking creatively.

3. Perception

Escape game companies in Dubai can teach you about spatial awareness and perception, as you need to search the detailed rooms for anything that can help your progress. Clues can be small and even unnoticeable, meaning you need to use all your perceptive powers to locate each one. 

4. Competition

What’s better than a bit of healthy competition? The timed element of system_db escape game JLT can stoke the competitive fires of even the most composed players. The thrill of beating the clock will give you the most satisfying rush!

5. Concentration

Concentration is key. Being able to focus your undivided attention for a full hour in order to complete a goal is tricky but rewarding. Our games at system_db will teach you the importance of patience, concentration and the ability to think critically.