5 Reasons to Play Your First Escape Room

Mon, 07 Oct, 2019

Your First Escape Room

If you’re considering playing your first escape game but have reservations about the concept, just know that the common misconceptions are often untrue. Here are 5 reasons why you should put your hesitations to one side and take on an exciting new challenge!

Everyone is Welcome

The best thing about escape rooms is the variety of people who take part in and enjoy the experience. Students, colleagues, friends, youngsters and oldies – escape rooms are for everyone. This is made possible by the availability of a HUGE variety of themes; from bone-chilling horror to immersive fantasy, if you feel that escape rooms aren’t for you, we guarantee you’ll be proven wrong!

Cheaper Than You Might Think

Escape rooms are part of a rapidly growing industry, and the fundamentals of economics will tell you that more competition is good for the consumer. Competitive pricing, weekly deals and discounts are always on offer as new and established companies battle it out for a share of the market. It’s a good time to be an escape room player!

Easy to Book

Finding the time as a group can be difficult. Coordinating with your friends is a lot harder than it should be when we take into account everyone’s schedules, commitments and the general grind of everyday life. Fortunately, most escape room companies now have sophisticated booking systems that allow us to settle on a date well in advance. No excuses now!

It’s Good to Try New Things

The only person stopping you from trying new things is you. Having fun and creating new memories is part of living. Life can be tough, if we let it. So get out and experience something new – you deserve it!

Scary Rooms Aren’t Compulsory!

A common deterrent for potential first-timers is fear. Whether this is down to the theme of the room itself, or a claustrophobic reaction to confined spaces; escape companies are making constant improvements to alleviate these fears and make their customers as comfortable as possible. Fear is a powerful deterrent, but it’s also a powerful motivator. Overcoming your fears will make you feel like a new person!