5 Features That Make a Great Escape Room!

Thu, 19 Mar, 2020

While the escape game concept remains consistent regardless of company, city, or country – the unique features that each room contains are not. We’ve made a list of what we believe to be the top criteria that all the best escape rooms have! Does your local escape venue have any of these?

1. High-Quality Décor for an Immersive Experience

People choose to play escape rooms for the overall experience. They want to have fun in an environment that accurately reflects a world separate from our own, and crossing the threshold should truly feel like stepping through a portal into another realm. This is where high-quality décor comes into play. The decorations, props and furnishings should express the room’s theme in a way that’s entertaining and, most importantly, immersive! 

2. Puzzle Variety

Escape rooms need puzzle variety. Locking a group of people in a confined space for an hour doesn’t sound like much fun, and it definitely wouldn’t be if there were only one or two types of puzzle to complete.  Keep people engaged and entertained by mixing things up with a diverse assortment of mini-games, codes, ciphers, locks, puzzles and object hunts!

3. Interconnected Clues

You’ll know an escape room is a good one when the narrative flows seamlessly throughout the hour, creating an organic experience that feels similar to a movie plot. At no point should things feel disjointed or awkward, with clues that come at the wrong time or that force you to go backwards.

4. When Teamwork is Constantly Being Encouraged

Escape rooms are quickly becoming the most in-demand activity for team building – and with good reason! Unless you’ve been given a cheat-sheet, escape rooms are nearly impossible to complete alone and often rely on players to come together as a single, cohesive unit. Rooms that go above and beyond with an intense emphasis on teamwork are usually the most popular and effective!

5. Gadgets & Electronics are a Bonus!

While definitely not a necessity, high-tech gadgetry can add an extra layer of fun to the experience. People don’t usually anticipate it either, so you can imagine the faces of delight and surprise when they realise the company has gone above and beyond what is expected of them!