5 Faces You'll Absolutely Make While Playing An Escape Game

Thu, 29 Aug, 2019

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, every player will go through multiple stages while playing an escape game. From frustration to elation, here are five stages that you’re sure to experience while playing a game for yourself!


You’ve crossed the threshold and stepped into an immersive world filled with clues, riddles and puzzles. You hear the latch slide into place as the door is locked behind you. The 60-minute timer starts to tick down. It has officially begun. Your excitement levels have reached DEFCON 1 and you’re ready to start your escape experience!

Clue? Where?

The search is on! You leave your regular self behind and become a fully-fledged detective. You search high and low for the priceless clues that will help you advance through the room but they’re nowhere to be found. A look of puzzlement creeps across your face and you call for an immediate team meeting. Where the clues!?

Hint please!

After a brief discussion with your team, you admit temporary defeat and reluctantly decide to ask the watching game master for a hint. With your tail firmly between your legs, it’s painful to ask, but you’re now more determined than ever to soldier on.


You’re now on your way after receiving a hint but immediately encounter a stumbling block. How? Why? What does this mean!? Confused, angry, frustrated – it’s time to regroup once again and contemplate what your next step should be. Don’t panic, you’ve got this…


You’ve figured it out! With only seconds to spare, the pieces come together to form a clear idea in your head and you finally complete the final task. The adrenaline is pumping like a raging river through your veins and an overwhelming sense of happiness and relief crashes over you and your teammates. You’ve done it! Escape room champions!