5 Escape Room Puzzles That Everyone Hates

Wed, 18 Sep, 2019

We all know that escape room puzzles are designed to be challenging, intent on getting your brain working in different ways with logical traps and trickery. Where’s the fun in an effortless breeze through an easy room? Occasionally escape room designers cross the difficulty threshold and produce downright exhausting puzzles that are widely disliked. Here’s a list of them. 

Diagram Escape Room Puzzles

In ordinary circumstances, a diagram puzzle might seem relatively painless – unfortunately, the opposite is true in an escape room setting. Picture the scene: a group of people crowd around a single sheet of paper, jostling their way in as each person tries to get a look in the dimly-lit room. Factor in the pressure of the ticking clock and the diagram won’t resemble anything rational.

Musical Puzzles

Musical puzzles aren’t particularly common, which makes it even more impressive that they’ve scored highly on a list of unpopular puzzles. The tone-deaf and musically challenged among us will struggle to replicate even a simple tune, and sometimes all you’re given is a random collection of musical notes! If that’s the case then expect to find yourself in deep water…

Maths Puzzles

The maths puzzle… sigh. When a team encounters one of these you can physically feel the anxiety in the room rising to unhealthy levels. Fibonacci, algebra, and arithmetic… the possibilities are endless. These escape room puzzles are a real time-killer, so don’t be ashamed to bite the bullet and ask for a hint if there isn’t a maths-wiz present!

Morse Code Puzzles

Where to start with Morse code? This is a cool addition to any escape room but unfortunately deemed a cosmetic luxury due to the lack of knowledge that the average player has on the system. 

Finding Small Items

Object hunts are fundamental to the escape game concept – when used in moderation. There’s nothing more tedious than spending half of your allotted time searching for pocket-sized items in a darkened room.