5 Escape Room Lies That Everyone Believes

Tue, 03 Dec, 2019

If you’re inexperienced with the escape room concept, or simply have never even attempted one, chances are that you’ve heard or come across an exaggerated tale or straight-up fabrication on more than one occasion…

Escape Room That Everyone Believes

Fear not, we’re here to set the record straight and alleviate the worries and anxieties that you may have about playing your first escape game!

The Staff Are Evil Puppet Masters

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Sure, pretty much ALL escape rooms around the world contain CCTV, but the purpose of the cameras is to A) make sure the players are moving safely around the room and B) to assist the group if they’ve become stuck on a particularly difficult section of the room. Remember, the game masters are here to help!

Unsolvable Puzzles

This can only be true on the rare occasion that a puzzle has become faulty or damaged. Escape rooms will never intentionally include a fully operational puzzle that is impossible to solve. Stay on the lookout for red herrings, though! These are items that LOOK like puzzles but are only there to cause a distraction.

One Size Fits All

The idea that once you’ve completed one escape game, you’ve completed them all is completely false. There are a seemingly unlimited number of escape room themes and ideas that vary from room to room. There are games for everyone. Perhaps you’re a fan of horror, or maybe you’re a fantasy fanatic – even VR is starting to become an established genre! We guarantee you’ll find something unique if you look hard enough!

You’re a Moron if You Fail

From teamwork to creative thinking – escape rooms test a range of skills that sometimes can only be mastered with practice. If you fail in your escape attempt, so what? It’s the effort that counts. The more you play, the better you’ll become…

All Escape Companies Are The Same

There are escape room companies out there that design all their rooms around a specific theme - such as horror - catering to a particular audience. There are also companies that designate a different theme to each of their rooms, giving their guests a variety of options. Escape room companies have their own philosophy and their own idea behind what makes a great room. They’re definitely not all the same!