10 Escape Room Facts!

Thu, 07 Nov, 2019

10 Factors to Know About Escaping a Room

Want to know more about escape rooms? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 interesting facts about the wildly popular global craze. Some of these will definitely surprise you! 

1. Origins

The most influential of all escape game genres, and the pioneer of what we see today, comes from the renowned game, ‘Crimson Room’, which was developed by Japanese maestro Toshimitsu Takagi. Released in Japan in 2004, the game is considered the main inspiration behind modern-day escape rooms. We must salute this ground-breaking phenomenon!

2. The Very First Room

The first live escape room, where players would be ‘locked in a specifically themed room for a limited amount of time, opened in 2007 by Japanese company SCRAP and its founder Takao Kato!

3. How Many Rooms?

As of 2019, there are now over 8000 escape rooms worldwide!

4. How Many Countries?

There is at least ONE escape room in 44 countries around the world!

5. Price range?

The cheapest you could play an escape game for is in India at $4
The most expensive escape room price is in Dubai at $41

6. Most Popular Themes

Escape room themes are extremely flexible and can vary depending on the direction the company wants to take. For example, there are some companies who specialise in horror-themed rooms and others who have themes of every genre. The top three most popular themes, that you’re most likely to see, are the following:

  1. Escape from or find a cure for the zombie apocalypse
  2. Outsmart a prison guard and escape from your jail cell3. 
  3. Rob a bank and flee the scene before you’re caught
7. What Skills?

You might be surprised to know that escape rooms are great at refining a number of important life skills including: teamwork, concentration, perception, competition and concentration among others – get involved to find out more for yourself!

8. World’s Longest Escape Game

What: Paradox Project
Where: Athens, Greece
Time: 3 hours!

9. World’s Shortest Escape Game

What: Evidence of Evil
Where: Southington, Connecticut, USA
Time: 5 minutes!

10. The Average Escape Experience

An average escape room typically has a 60-minute time limit and can accommodate anywhere between 2 and 10 people. Each room will usually have up to 15 puzzles, with each one taking as short as 30 seconds, or as long as 15 minutes to solve!