06 Feb, 2020

Which Superhero Would NAIL an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are designed to test our communication, teamwork, intuition and critical thinking skills. An average group would normally be able to complete a game within the 60-minute time limit.

But what if there was a superhero or two involved? How quickly would these elite individuals navigate the room’s challenges?

We’ve picked a select group of heroes whose skills and abilities are perfectly suited to NAIL the escape room games. Here’s our line-up...

Superhero Name: Batman 

Real Name: Bruce Wayne

Although Batman has no supernatural abilities to speak of, his skills as a detective are unmatched. Not to mention his physical and mental prowess, making him an ideal player. Put him in an escape room alone and he’d come out victorious in record-breaking time.

Superhero Name: Captain America

Real Name: Steve Rodgers

Captain America was artificially created to command an elite team of heroes, so leading an escape room group would be a cakewalk by his standards. He has the heart, courage and leadership qualities to bring any team together with direction and encouragement; his presence alone would act as a uniting force. With Cap’s help, you could combine a group of complete strangers and see the unfamiliar faces coming together to form a well-oiled machine.

Superhero Name: Elastigirl (Mrs Incredible)

Real Name: Helen Parr

Elastigirl has the unique ability to stretch her limbs well beyond the threshold of regular human limitations, allowing her to operate in multiple places at the same time. Thanks to her elastic limbs, you could think of her role in an escape room as a one-woman object finder. Watch as she single-handedly searches the entire space for objects and clues while standing in one spot.

Superhero Name: Iron Man

Real Name: Tony Stark

Tony Stark was a gifted child prodigy, graduating from MIT University with distinction at just 17 years old and later established himself as a world-renowned genius and head of Stark Industries. His brilliant mind is his superpower, and even the most difficult escape room challenge would prove no match for his superior intellect. Oh, and he’d gladly provide plenty of laughs along the way.