23 Apr, 2020

Tips for the Ideal Escape Room Experience!

You’re free to enjoy your chosen escape game in any way you wish, but there are still many out there who might be looking for the smoothest possible experience. This means potentially beating room records and clearing obstacles with the least amount of time and trouble. You’ll still encounter a fun challenge, but with these tips and tactics, your group will become the dream team it deserves to be!

Be Sensible in the Room!

If you find that a lot of effort, or even brute force, is required in a specific section of the room – let us assure you that whatever it is you’re fiddling with should DEFINITELY be left alone! The fixtures, fittings and puzzles belonging to the narrative have all been designed with ease of use and time management in mind. Walking away will save you a hefty repair bill!

Focus on What Needs Solving

There’s a lot going on inside an escape room. It’s easy to forget what actually needs solving when multiple people are locked in a confined space while surrounded by puzzles and props! Each room will often have one or two puzzles that need to be solved in stages; meaning a series of external components will have to first be found in order to complete the puzzle. Your team leader should create a simple sorting system with a ‘used’ and an ‘unused’ category to help speed up the process!


Effective communication is arguably the most important aspect of success in an escape game team-building exercise. An individual that’s out of the loop could easily disrupt your group’s collective composure by ‘unsolving’ already completed puzzles. Don’t be afraid to proudly shout out your discoveries to the room! If you’re someone who struggles with shyness, now is the perfect time to discover your inner confidence and problem-solving skills!

Lose Yourself to Immersion!

Modern escape rooms are designed with the highest level of production, creating an atmosphere that’s extremely immersive and very easy to lose yourself in. Prior to the team building activity, your game master will set the tone for the upcoming 60 minutes by providing the group with context and clues in a fun introduction to the room’s theme. If silly costumes and props are also given out, we highly recommend throwing caution to the wind and getting involved in those, too! It will definitely enhance your experience!