13 Apr, 2020

Spy-Themed Franchises for Escape Room Fans

First thing’s first, what do spy films and escape rooms have in common? What DON’T they have in common would be a better question! From the gadgets, codes & hidden mechanisms to the presence and pressure of a ticking clock – escape rooms give players the chance to act out the lives of their favourite spy characters in an incredibly immersive environment.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of us are currently self-isolating at home, giving us the perfect opportunity to catch up with

all the top-rated spy-themed film and television franchises! Here are our favourites...

Bond, James Bond

The spy movie genre and James Bond go together like peanut butter and jelly – it’s the first name people will mention whenever the topic is brought up. Codename 007, Ian Fleming’s 1958 suave spy protagonist is the universally recognised gold standard for works of espionage fiction. The success has led to the production of twenty-seven films with seven different actors taking on the coveted role as the world’s most famous secret agent!

Mission: Impossible

The M:I film series is anchored by Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise, whose brilliant portrayal of Ethan Hunt has led to both critical acclaim and commercial success. With six films in the ongoing series, the American answer to James Bond follows a small team of highly skilled agents in the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) – a fictional Black Ops unit established to bring about the downfall of shady organisations and criminals. This action-packed franchise is a must-watch!

Ocean’s Trilogy

The Ocean’s film trilogy played a central role in the commercialisation of the heist genre throughout the film industry. The genre-defining work follows the exploits of George Clooney’s con-artist/master thief character, Danny Ocean, who assembles a team of other like-minded swindlers in their attempt to pull off an elaborate and multi-layered heist. This star-studded franchise will definitely get you in the mood for your own complex escape!


Angus ‘Mac’ MacGyver is the titular character in the MacGyver TV series. The human Swiss Army Knife is blessed with a genius-level intellect, proficiency in both engineering and applied physics as well as being fluent in several languages! MacGyver is a secret agent who uses his many skills to manoeuvre his way out of seemingly unsolvable or impossibly complicated situations. Could you get a more perfect escape room teammate?!