Hen&Stag Parties at NoWayOut Dubai

Getting married and looking for an unforgettable pre-wedding party? Bring your friends together for a memorable party in an Escape Room

So, what’s an escape room party like?
Fun, rowdy, and festive!

You and your friends will be immersed in a world of riddles and clues while trying to get out of a locked labyrinth. If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate, this is the one for you!

Our rooms

School of Magic - Image 7

School of Magic


Wands at the ready, dear wizards! School of Magic needs your help!

Houdini - Image 3
City Walk



Find the solution to Houdini's impossible escapes, but beware, what lies behind the curtain of the magic show may not be what it seems…

Ring`s - Image 6


Live Actor/Horror

Enter the realm of suspense and intrigue as you take on the role of daring detectives in the captivating "Unsolved Mystery." Unravel the enigmatic clues, but beware, for this thrilling crime scene investigation is not for the faint-hearted!

House of Bella - Image 2
City Walk

House of Bella

Live Actor/Horror

You've recently bought a toy shop, notorious for the terrible legend of disappearing little customers. Find out what dark secrets lurk behind the door.

Maniac - Image 8



Do you have what it takes to escape the serial killer's lair? Or is it game over? Survive before the cannibal returns.

Psycho - Image 1
City Walk



You are trapped in the nightmarish depths of an old asylum, where sadistic experiments once tormented the innocent. In a race against time, your instincts will be pushed to the limit as you face the twisted challenges of the harrowing "Psycho" escape room. Will you conquer your fears and escape to safety?

Da Vinci - Image 5

Da Vinci


Step into the studio of one of the most brilliant artists, inventors, scientists - the one and only Leonardo da Vinci!

The Castle - Image 4
City Walk

The Castle


The Mad King stole the dragon egg and hides it in a safe place in the castle, try to stop him from destroying the kingdom!

What to Expect

from the Hen&Stag Parties in NoWayOut?

Throw a party

Cool and adventurous vibe

When you arrive at the venue, your party will get a briefing on how the game works. From then, you'll be trapped in the themed room with no way out! To try to escape the frightening room, look for clues, crack codes, and solve riddles.

Great bonding experience

Dive into the epic Hen&Stag Parties in our rooms and see how well your group of friends can work together under pressure to beat the clock and escape!

Our team's assistance

The NoWayOut team will do anything you want to make your the-end-of-bachelorhood party exciting, loud, hilarious, and unforgettable for the rest of your life! We’re glad to help.

We can put together the perfect package for you

What's Included

Photos and videos

You can capture these highlights of the event by making a photo or video at our location. There will be something to remember or post on Instagram and TikTok.

Special packages

We have everything you need for your thrill and memorable hen or stag do! If you want to customize your game for a Hen&Stag Parties or to add anything else just email or call us and we will be happy to help!

156 stag and hen parties held at NoWayOut

Reviews from those who've experienced this with us:

It was a lot of fun! None of us knew what to expect, but you quickly get the feel of it

It was truly one of the finest forms of entertainment in Dubai. We came here for a bachelorette party, and the guys from NoWayOut did an excellent job of organizing everything. We played, laughed so hard during the whole game. Thank you for a fun and active hen party!

Alicia Jackson

The atmosphere, as well as the dungeon itself, everything was very immersive and great!

I was in Dubai for my stag do, and my buddies had planned several things for us to enjoy that day. We arrived at NoWayOut, where the helpful manager went over everything with us. The first game we played was The Ring, which was both terrifying and fascinating.

Aaqil al-Sharaf

If you're still wondering how to have fun at a pre-wedding party, here's your answer: the Escape Room!

A fantastic way to spend a bachelorette celebration! Especially if you and your bridesmaids like the adrenaline rush. The girls and I played House of Bella at my bachelorette party. It was scary but we laughed so hard throughout the game. It was incredible, thrilling, and entertaining.

Wanessa Shah


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